Troiareuke ACSEN TOC toner 100 ml (Pre-Order 10/9)

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HKD$ 398.00

Troiareuke ACSEN TOC toner 100 ml


Why are we selling this?

In the TOC tonner, the name represents all of the function of the tonner.

Normally the tonner is used for

1) moisturizing

2) For skin professional to do secondary cleansing and tonning the skin

 TOC toner is Turn over control rate tonner which makes the skin turn over rate normal by controlling the slow and fast cell turn over rate.

Normal skin turn over day is 28 for very healthy skin.

Due to the skin reason or life cycle or skis disorder, it is shortened or longed.

For heathy skin care it is very necessary for skin to have the RIGHT CELL TURN OVER RATE.

How it works:

It works because salicylic acid(removing dead cells, healing wounds in skin),

glycolic acid(removing dead cells) helps to correct the cell turn over rate by sending message to skin cell factory and removing the dead skin cells.

Centella Asiatica is helping to stimulate the cell reproduction and regeneration.

Soluble Sulphur gives skin anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria strength. Hyaluronic acid helps to provide sufficient moisture for cell protection and healthy cell activities.

Products description

: Acsen TOC tonner stand for Turn Over Cycle tonner, which means that it will adjust the cell turn over cycle for different types of skin.

: When skin is slow in the cell turn over, it will fasten up the cycle.

: When the skin has fast cell turn over, it will slow down and correct the cell turn over for healthier skin turn over.

: It will modify the natural cell turn over rate, which means it is correcting the metabolism in skin cell.

: High in moisturizing factors which helps to control the water/sebum level in skin by providing the sufficient moisture to the moisture barrier.

: High concentration of centella asiatica extract (Perfect prescription)

: Natural salicylic acid helps to prevent skin trouble

: High concentration of moisturizing and re-fresh feeling for over production of sebum

Main Ingredient:

Centella Asiatica 100%

Centella asiatica has been used in the traditional medicine, which is very effective in the wound healing, skin recovery.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies has been used this ingredient as skin recovery and cell generation. 

Recently, very few cosmetic company have adopted this ingredient as cosmetic ingredient.

The story says that when the tiger was hurt after the fight, he rubbed this wounded area with this herb. In Korean we call it 甁

Troiareuke Acsen’s centella asiatica used 100% extract which other brand never could have. 

Effect on Infected skin, Atopic skin, Acne skin, Dry skin (Skin tightening), Antioxidant, Whitening effect

Selemix An

Neutralize free radical (2000 times more than Vitamin E)


Skin, Cell protection (from UV ray, Radiation)

Anti-inflamatory, eczema, Acne skin


Magnolia bark extract

Jeju magnolia bark extract only for treating acne skin

Minimize acne bacteria growth

Release inflammation of the acne bacteria


Selemix An (Specially formulated for Acne) 

* Only for Acsen

Formulation between the Selenium + Magnolia bark extract


Centella Asiatica

Sulfur/sulpher (water soluble) Anti-inflammatory, anti-infection

Salicylic Acid : Removes excessive keratin, wound healing

Glycolic Acid: Removes dead skin

Hyaluronic Acid: Calming and Moisturizing


How to use:

Can apply the tonner directly or Put on the cotton wipe and cleanse the skin. 

It has glycolic acid. Salicylic acid to remove the dead skin.

Type of skin: All skin type

Volume: 100ml

Origin: Korea

我要寫人生第一次的評價就是因為覺得troi acsen這條line實在太神奇了。我,只是用了膚質調節潔面霜3次(因我是偏乾混合性皮膚,所以1星期用2次作深層清潔),再加上用了調節細胞循環爽膚水約1星期(主要早上用,如有想生瘡的跡象便晩上局部位置用),令人雀躍的事情就這樣發生了,沒有再生大瘡,暗粒少了,面油少了,膚色均匀了......甚至連之前在眼頭新起的小油脂粒都消失了,所以今次新推出的recovery cream我硬係馬上落單,睇下又會有甚麼驚喜的事Xd


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Troiareuke ACSEN TOC toner 100 ml (Pre-Order 10/9)

Troiareuke ACSEN TOC toner 100 ml (Pre-Order 10/9)

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