Aroma Lymph Oil

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HKD$ 1,280.00

Troi Areuke Aroma Lymph Oil


Product Description:

: No Mineral oil has been prescribed

: Whitening effect with face and body

: Activating Lymph in your body (Neck, armpit, thigh)
it helps to circulate lymph so that your skin and body tone looks clearer and also takes the water retention in body.

(Healthy & Pretty women has white armpit and thighs,
but unhealthy female has darkened armpit and thigh due the accumulate toxin in body.

: Very effective on the legs when females are wearing high hills.

: Night times, it is one of the few aroma oils you can apply at night and sleep.
( you will feel very light in the morning)

: It can also be effective on the female PMS,
due to the ylang ylang oil which helps to minimizes the pain in the stomach and regulates female hormone system in the body.

: Can be used in atopic areas too. Highly concentrated moisture aroma

Why are we selling this:

While giving treatment to the customers,
maximizing the result also means to understand the functions of body.

When the lymph does not circulate well in the body,
it accumulates unnecessary waste in your body and face.

Therefore deep in cellular level skin cell may not function and
it will lead to skin disorder and fasten up the aging process.

Troi development team have developed a aroma oil which can circulate lymph
just by applying to the lymph.

It will help the pumping process (please see the Livana’s Video of the treatment).

It will make your face V-line and thinner leg (Often females have thick legs due to the high heels).


Products' concept:

*Vitamin Tree Oil

*Good for swollen body 

How to use:

1. Before going to bed apply with cell energy Cream (one or two drops)
will make your face Bling Bling! Shine Shine

2. When you have stiff neck (after bad night sleep) you will feel less pain and
it releave the muscle pain

3. When lymph is not circulated well, do soft massage on the lymph

4. Vitamin will help to have whitening skin and recovery

5. Females who has black arm-pit, tensed arm pit, it will make whiter and soft arm pit 

Apply small amount over leg and Body

Experience boosting effect with Cell energy cream

Where to apply: face

Where to apply: body

Type of skin: All skin type

Volume: 100ml

Origin: Korea 

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Aroma Lymph Oil

Aroma Lymph Oil

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