benedetta control creme

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HKD$ 278.00

Benedetta The Control Crème

Product description

:The Control Crème is a highly effective antiseptic,

antibacterial and antiviral treatment that works deeply to reduce blemishes.

:Our preparation holistically treats and prevents,

will not dry out the skin for a temporary fix.

:Remedy will regenerate skin and prevent scarring.

:Target excess oil and skin conditions including,

not limited to: pimples, blackheads, acned rosacea, fever blisters, and shingles.

:Relieve the itch of a bug bite while it works to repair the skin!

:Safe to use at any age.

How to use 

: Apply appropriate amount on the needed place 

Type of skin : All type skin

Volume : 15ml 

Origin : USA

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benedetta control creme

benedetta control creme

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