MustaeV Bloom Pouch 花開化妝袋

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HKD$ 280.00

MustaeV Bloom Pouch

(Small)                                                                               (Large)

Product description

: Stores brushed along with various products

: The pouch can easily be folded to create a standing holder or zipped closed to conveniently store brushed and products

: It is very portable and great for travel or everyday use

: Offered in two sizes - Small / Large


Small - (W)10.5cm X (L)17.5cm X 6.5cm

Large - (W)11cm X (L)24cm X 7cm

The small and large size Bloom Pouch provides storage for various products such as brushes, eye liners, mascara, gloss etc.

Origin: Korea

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MustaeV Bloom Pouch 花開化妝袋

MustaeV Bloom Pouch 花開化妝袋