Rest Up Bamboo Pad (pre-order 15/9)

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HKD$ 138.00

Rest up Bamboo Pad


Product description:

: Ingredients containing bamboo

: Effective detoxification of the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body

: Discharging excess water and reducing water retention in the body

: Promoting sleep, improving sleeps quality

: Discharging the accumulation of moisture in the body

: Improve the pressure joint position of foot, relieve arthritis, rheumatism and other pain problems

: Activation of cells in the body, accelerate blood circulation

: High penetration ability, if you takes more than 6 hours, more effectively in improving the body function

: Moisture release out of the body, relieve fatigue


Bamboo grass, Tourmaline, Chitin, Perlite, Artemisia argyi extract

How to use:

1. Please ensure that your feet are dry before use.

2. Use it before sleep, the foot patches changed color after wake up, which represents the patches play an effect of absorb toxins.


Suitable for all ages

Skin type: all skin type 

Origin: Korea

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Rest Up Bamboo Pad (pre-order 15/9)

Rest Up Bamboo Pad (pre-order 15/9)

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