Troiareuke Anti-wrinkle eye cream

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Troi Areuke

Anti-wrinkle eyecream



4 Important Fact about Eyes


Eye has different skin tissue
Skin around the eye area is 20~30% thinner than other skin.


20,000 Movement per day
Eye has one of the most frequent m
ovements in skin muscle. It has high tendency to have more wrinkles.


No Pores, No sebum, Yes wrinkles
Skin around the eyes does not have pores and sebum. Skin dryness can trigger wrinkles around the eye areas.


Eyes are under a lot of stress

Mascara, Eye shadow, Eye lash extension, Eye lines, Make up related cleansers, eye rubbing, smart phones give tremendous eye stress. The skin around the eye area easily can get tired and often get lack of skin firming and skin matrix is easily damaged.


This is why you need a professional eye cream.
Young female need protection of the aging and mature female need re-cover from the skin damage.


Troi R&D development team has developed a perfect solution to the aged eye areas.

Adenosine & multi peptide will recover the fatigue area and damaged skin structure.




Neuropeptide sends message between cells to communicate. SH-Decapeptide-7 act as neuropeptide to send active message to damaged cell to recover to healthy state. Cell bio-rhythm and metallization is increased.


Skin cell regeneration booster. Increase biosynthesis of collagen and fibroblast. It gives great firming and plumping effect. Strong effect on decreasing wrinkles around eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid

It attracts 100 times of its molecule size moisture into skin. High density moisture helps to protect the drying tissue around eye areas


method 1: Apply right amount onto eye area by your ring finger, tap gently for absorption

method 2: Massge eye aera with Troi's unique eyes massage skill

method 3: Massge eye area with Troi Porcelain, this will be the best and easiest way.


Manufacturer: Troiareuke

Type of skin: All skin type

Made in korean

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Troiareuke Anti-wrinkle eye cream

Troiareuke Anti-wrinkle eye cream

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