Cell Energy Cream

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Troi Areuke

Cell energy cream

The main reason for using the Cell Energy Cream:

1. Providing "correct" moisture for your skin.

Often most moisture cream is to provide light moisture to the in terms of ingredient wise

Not just moisture on thr surface But all the way to epidemis and having
cell to have its own strength to keep the moisture in the skin cell

Skin do it - skin is intelligent organism you need to use the cosmetic for skin to work by it self to be healthy

Agt is moisturizing serum. Essense.
But for every skin you need to provide at least minimum oil for skin to
have essential moisture barrier. Even to the oily skin


Oily skin appears beause skin feels that it is lack of oil in skin to protect.
(People don't like oily skin so they use oil removing products, skin produce more oil!!)

That is why you need to use the right cream
Lastly it can be used depending on your skin together with ampoules
This is very strong selling point.


Product's Description

: The Best moisturizing Cream chosen by the professionals.
(Survey by 150 professionals, domestic and imported products)
: No mineral oil has been formulated. Mineral oil blocks the pores. 
: Bifida Ferment extract, Galactomyces gives brightening and Recovering effect your skin.
: One of the best seller in Professional Spa.
: You can mix with [skin disorder ampoule] or [Aroma lymph oil]

Scutellaria baicalensis ferment extract,

 Houttuynia cordata fermented extract,

Portulaca, Centella Asiatica

Apply on face after using toners and ampoules


Type of Skin: All Skin Type

Volume: 250ml


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Cell Energy Cream

Cell Energy Cream

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