Troiareuke ACSEN Pore contol mask 200ml (Pre-Order 27/9)

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HKD$ 780.00

Troiareuke ACSEN Pore contol mask 200ml


Why are we selling this:

Pore Control Mask compare with Mask Formula

Mask Formula have whitening effect. Excellent in brightening. Removing dead skin cells,

good in removing sebum, can mix with the ampoules

Type of skin: All type but who wants more whitening effect than reducing the sebums and pores.

Pore Control is Excellent in  removing sebums and black and white head,

Strong lifting effect, Refreshing and rebalancing the moisture and oil level. Minimizing the pores on the face.

Type of skin: All type of skin who wants to reduce pores and black, white head without making skin sensitive and have Lifting effect.


Product description

: Acsen Pore Control mask has three main function. It can make pores get super tight.

: Lifting effect on skin (due to the small pores)

: Reducing skin trouble but leaving moisture in skin, Minimize inflammation

: Protection from allergic skin, Immedient skin brightening Professional skin trouble calming mask

: Cuttlefish bone powder absorb impurities and sebums in pores.

: Cuttlefish bone poweder also helps in TOC and encourage skin regeneration

: 甘草散, trifoliate orange, Portulaca oleracea L [馬齒莧], Lithospermum erythrorhizon,

: Strong natural extract which ease skin inflammation, minimizing allergic reaction and protection

: Brighter skin tone and lifting effect

: Montmorillonite ingredient helps the remove impurities and excessive sebums in pore


Main Ingredient:

Centella Asiatica 100%

Centella asiatica has been used in the traditional medicine, which is very effective in the wound healing, skin recovery.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies has been used this ingredient as skin recovery and cell generation. 

Recently, very few cosmetic company have adopted this ingredient as cosmetic ingredient.

The story says that when the tiger was hurt after the fight, he rubbed this wounded area with this herb. In Korean we call it 甁

Troiareuke Acsen’s centella asiatica used 100% extract which other brand never could have. 

Effect on Infected skin, Atopic skin, Acne skin, Dry skin (Skin tightening), Antioxidant, Whitening effect


Selemix An

Neutralize free radical (2000 times more than Vitamin E)


Skin, Cell protection (from UV ray, Radiation)

Anti-inflamatory, eczema, Acne skin


Magnolia bark extract

Jeju magnolia bark extract only for treating acne skin

Minimize acne bacteria growth

Release inflammation of the acne bacteria


Selemix An (Specially formulated for Acne) 

* Only for Acsen

Formulation between the Selenium + Magnolia bark extract


Calcium carbonate 炭酸, Calcium phosphate 燐酸, Chitin, Collagen, 

: Professional effect, texture and after use satisfaction

: Pores feel tightening after usage (Lifting effect), Brightening skin

: Cuttlefish bone powder removes dead skin, Helps to regenerate new skin cell

甘草散,, trifoliate orange, Portulaca oleracea L [馬齒莧],

: Lithospermum erythrorhizon Skin relieving trouble,, minimizing anti-inflammation

: Bentonite absorbs sebum in pore


How to use:

Apply on dry face.  From top to bottom. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

This is the very important point of the pore control mask.

The viscosity is thick liquid type. When you open you can experience it can come out naturally.  

This type of mask is suitable for the sensitive skin type. so that it can be also used for  ACSEN skin. 


Type of Skin: All skin type

Volume: 200ml

Origin: Korea



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Troiareuke ACSEN Pore contol mask 200ml (Pre-Order 27/9)

Troiareuke ACSEN Pore contol mask 200ml (Pre-Order 27/9)

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