Troiareuke ACSEN Selemix Serum 100 ml (預訂 10/9)

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HKD$ 1,380.00

Troiareuke ACSEN Selemix Serum 100 ml


Product description

: Acsen Selemix Serum has two main effect. 2 in 1 serum.

:: Minimizing skin trouble

:: Reducing scars in skin


:Acsen Selemix serum will

Control the pores, Control sebum control , Inti-inflamatory, Anti-bacterial effect

Very effective in sensitive skin acne, Removes skin trouble scars

Key ingredient in Selemix AN which is effective on acne skin and relieve skin trouble.

Centella Asiatica help to removes wounds and scars

Sciadopitys verticillata , Chamomile extract give skin calming and protects sensitive skin from inflammation

Salicylic acid ingredient removes old and dead skin cell for evening skin tone.

Opens the pores and allow bacteria to die naturally

馬齒莧 extract, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera extract helps skin calming

Super Moisturizing and fast penetration, and silky texture and spot trouble solution



Main Ingredient:

Centella Asiatica 100%

Centella asiatica has been used in the traditional medicine, which is very effective in the wound healing, skin recovery.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies has been used this ingredient as skin recovery and cell generation. 

Recently, very few cosmetic company have adopted this ingredient as cosmetic ingredient.

The story says that when the tiger was hurt after the fight, he rubbed this wounded area with this herb. In Korean we call it 甁

Troiareuke Acsen’s centella asiatica used 100% extract which other brand never could have. 

Effect on Infected skin, Atopic skin, Acne skin, Dry skin (Skin tightening), Antioxidant, Whitening effect


Selemix An

Neutralize free radical (2000 times more than Vitamin E)


Skin, Cell protection (from UV ray, Radiation)

Anti-inflamatory, eczema, Acne skin


Magnolia bark extract

Jeju magnolia bark extract only for treating acne skin

Minimize acne bacteria growth

Release inflammation of the acne bacteria


Selemix An (Specially formulated for Acne) 

* Only for Acsen

Formulation between the Selenium + Magnolia bark extract


Selemix AN (Bean sprout, magnolia tree bark), Sciadopitys verticillata  extract

Chamomile extract, Salicylic Acid, 馬齒莧

Centella Asiatica, Natural Essential Oil


How to use:

Apply on face after toner.

Type of Skin: All skin type

Volume: 100ml

Origin: Korea


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Troiareuke ACSEN Selemix Serum 100 ml (預訂 10/9)

Troiareuke ACSEN Selemix Serum 100 ml (預訂 10/9)

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