BCC Cream (MADE IN FRANCE : 99% Organic)

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HKD$ 1,080.00

Troi Areuke BCC Cream (MADE IN FRANCE : 99% Organic)

Why are we selling this:

BB Cream and CC cream became first make-up base for many female.

When female chooses the BB or CC cream, the purchase point (satisfaction) is how smooth the texture is or the coverage of the facial make up. However 99% of female forget the BB cream is the first cosmetic which contacts her skin and rest for more than 10 hours per day.

No matter how silky BB cream is (due to mineral oils and silicones) it is purely blocking its pore and making skin difficult to breathe.Product development team wanted provide the customer which is health and also excellent in make up foundation.

Often the organic cosmetic is considered to be good in ingredient but not good to use as beauty product. MK have invest 2 full year in developing right texture for BCC. Perfect smoothness and also perfect effect.

The targeting for BCC is more luxury than Healing Cream due to 99% organic ingredients.
(Healing cream is natural cosmetic)

Properties of ingredients:

Titanium dioxide : Mineral screen micronized. 미분화된 미네랄 보호막(Screen)

Cera alba (Beeswax)* : It is antiseptic and wound healing and gives protective emollience to the skin. anti inflammatory, very strong in skin recovery, protection. Calming effect, Recovery, Minimizing inflammatory infections in skin(immune system)

Aloe barbadensis leaf extract* :soothing, protective. Stimulating the production of collagen.
Treatment of burns.
Healing: several studies have shown that the gel obtained from the central part of the sheet decreases the inflammatory process and accelerates cicatrisation.
Contribution to metabolism. Fight against aging.

Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter : Thanks to its composition rich in unsaponifiables, it softens and nourishes the skin.
Shea butter contains fatty acids and vitamins (D, E, F and provitamin A) which allow to relax and rejuvenate dry skin.
Unsaponifiables. Protective action against dry skin, moisturizing activity for the skin and hair,
special properties of softness andsmoothness.
According to some clinical observations, it seems that the shea butter promote increased local capillarycirculation,
allowing reoxygenation tissue and improve the removal of metabolic waste.
Action on healing wounds, treating dry desquamative dermatitis, chapped hands with crack,
ulcers, stretch marks, eczema regenerative superficial epidermal layers.


Official research on SHEA butter

Used widely in cosmetic products as a moisturizer, particularly as an emollient,
shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii) is a natural fat derived from the shea or karate tree,
which grows naturally across 19 African countries.
Recent studies revealed that shea butter manifests anti-inflammatory activity.
Composed mainly of oleic and stearic acids,
shea butter is also notable for containing a higher percentage of unsaponifiables than other vegetable oils.
Shea butter is included in various skin and hair care products for conferring rich emollient benefits.
It is thought to maintain moisture and to provide benefits as an adjuvant moisturizer in the treatment of skin conditions
such as atopic dermatitis, dry skin, acne, scars and stria alba.
Reference: Cosmetic dermatology, Leslie Baumann, MD


Tocopherol : Vitamin E of natural origin, antioxidant.

: BCC means BIO CORRECTIVE CREAM. It changes to the colour of your natural skin.  That is why we call it Corrective Cream. It gives natural beautiful looks.

:This product has SPF20 but we did not get the test yet, but we will in the next production. (Just for your information)

: Please make sure that you thinly apply couple of times.

: Certified by Qualite France (http://www.qualite-france.com)

: Certified by Cosme Bio (http://www.cosmebio.org/en/annuaire-adherents.php)

Which means that from the packaging and ingredients are fully registered by the French Government.

: Often people do not use organic cosmetic because, it is not comfortable to use as make up, but this product your skin feels light

Providing nutrients, anti-aging, calming effect, trouble care effect, sebum control, micro scar recovery, camouflage redness and dark circles in skin

:It does not contain combined chemical preservative, petrol base ingredeints, artificial colourw artificial scent, GMO product base ingredient, silicon oil, chemical emulsifier 

How to use:

Apply as foundation steps or after laser cream.

Volume: 40g

Origin: France



今日特登咩都唔搽靜係搽左bcc cream 。第一下上面個時個感覺係比一般 bb cc cream 難推,杰身d,慢慢印開佢再搽就ok。佢個色係自動correct既,所以同膚色好接近,唔會話有過白情況出現。coverage一般啦今日我冇用concealer都ok,當然太深黑眼圈個d就難遮晒啦,但overall finish幾靚既唔會有粉感,有自然光澤:)平時用開bb cc cream應該會鍾意。用左有8個鐘,唔會話特別油(之前用banila 鼻位會有d油),呢隻冇事,last 到1日。最鍾意bcc cream 係佢好light,唔會話block住晒d毛孔既:)唯一唔好既地方係甁口設計差左d(比較banila pump個d設計)overall都good good既!


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BCC Cream (MADE IN FRANCE : 99% Organic)

BCC Cream (MADE IN FRANCE : 99% Organic)

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