cell energy cream +P (pre-order 0/4)

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Troiareuke Cell Energy Cream +p 

Why are we selling this:

Cell Energy Cream + P represent for PLUS Peptide in Cell Energy Cream.

CEC+P is a powerful cream that not many manufacturing company have tried to develop because of the very difficult technique required
during formulation of creating concentrated peptide and extremely high expense in production.
These two reason gives big obstacles for skincare companies to make a peptide cream.
Often many competitors use, less than 1% of peptide and seducing customers that it is very helpful in skin cell regeneration
but they know in their heart it has very minor effect on skin.

:: Pioneer in the market, no competitors for such function
No-one can be mad enough to use 3% Peptide in Cream.

:: Troi brand provide the best of the best solution for customers.
Troiareuke, Troipeel only think about how to make skin more healthy and beautiful.
​Cost, difficulty or challenge can not be the good reason for not giving the best solution available in the market


Functions of Cell energy cream +P

:: Cell energy cream repairs cell matrix from the deepest skin tissue. The combination of the formulation redendify and restores the volume of the face and neck. 
The efficiency on the unique active ingredient which prevent the harmful effect of the UV ray’s that caused the chrono-aging (photo-ageing / aging through light) skin process.


:: Due to the synergy effect with the active ingredient skin becomes denser, firmer, more elastic, luminous and totally renovated.
(You can feel the skin change after 1 use for sensitive person maximum 5 times after use.)


:: The saggy skin and wrinkle starts from the collapse of the skin matrix in dermis areas. It is essential to provide the matrix essential nutrients that skin needs from 20s until the moment of death.


:: Skin around forehead, nasal furrows (area around nose), lip contour zones need special attention 
because these areas are the one of the first place that you can see wrinkles. 
Cell Energy Cream +P increase the thickness in skin which improves the water retention and high in skin cell activities to reduce the skin firmness.


:: Peptide has excellent properties in accelerating the renewal process of collagen and
volume creating filling substance for a redensified skin with increased skin thickness in matrix.


:: After use, customer give compliments that their skin has become more firm.


:: The customer can also enjoy with mixing it with the Cell Repair ampoule which give triple effect with the porcelain. 



The Key concept

- Stimulated skin cell regeneration for the formation of new collagen to promote the natural process of skin volume

- Maintains elasticity and flexibility of the skin for rejuvenating effect

- Reduces wrinkles and eliminates fine lines of expression

- Protection of the UV rays

- Perfect solution for all skin types even to the most sensitive skin but giving volume of skin that one have not ever experienced

- Creating volume providing extra cellular matrix for a redensified skin


How to use:

Apply on face after using toners and ampoules


Type of Skin: All Skin Type

Volume: 50ml

Origin: Korea

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cell energy cream +P (pre-order 0/4)

cell energy cream +P (pre-order 0/4)

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