Philos PQ10 Revital Sun Cream

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Philos PQ10 Revital Sun Cream 


Product description

: Isolation ultraviolet A and B

: UV isolation factor of SPF 50 PA +++

: No greasy after application, the nature of emulsion, excellent usability

: Do not leave traces pale smear, will adjust to natural according to skin color, but also help makeup

: Centella asiatica, rosemary, hyaluronic acid, collagen, Jiang pole extract ingredients give the skin moist and vitality


Main ingredients:

Pinux, vitamin E acetate, rose hydrolyzed collagen, Centella asiatica extract

How to use:

Apply to exposed skin, face, arms, legs


Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 50ml

Origin: Korea

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Philos PQ10 Revital Sun Cream

Philos PQ10 Revital Sun Cream

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