The Choute I Love Gel Nail

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The Choute I Love Gel Nail

Product Description

: Glittering shine like wear top coat

: Aroma oil scent therapy

: Gel nail’s thick texture feeling

: 13ml large amount

: Vivid gel nail color

: Excellent sustaining power

: Soft spreadibility

: 3 Color- G02 Orange / G07 Peppermint / G10 Lavender  


How to use:

Step 1: Clean nails

Step 2: In order to highlight the distinctive sense of color nail polish, first apply a thin layer of the underlying armor oil

Step 3: Apply proper amount of nail polish in the nail surface

Step 4: To be more vivid sense of color, you can apply to repeat 1-2 times

Step 5: In order to increase sustainability and glossy nail polish, you can make nails in the final top layer of nail.

Volume: 13g

Origin: Korea

第一次就淨係買咗支紅色,搽果時候都覺得冇乜特別,乾咗之後就真係同介紹講一樣好似做完gel甲咁,就算唔搽top coat都可以keep到可令身,平時用開既指甲油刮幾刮就會甩哂,呢款又真係刮都唔甩,又唔會花,諗都唔洗諗再買埋其餘兩支,不如再番埋其他色啦


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The Choute I Love Gel Nail

The Choute I Love Gel Nail

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