Karadium Makeup Remover Pen

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HKD$ 188.00


Seouler's outlet Karadium Makeup remover pen




Products description

: Quickly remove or correct small makeup smudges,smears and mistakes without having to take off the rest of your makeup

: The gentle and non-greasy formula erases even long wearing and waterproof makeup

for flawless touch ups, perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag when you're on-the-go! 

How to use:

Sweep the tip of the pen across makeup to remove. Use a tissue if necessary to blot face dry after use.

Clean tip of the marker with a tissue after each use. 


Type of Skin: All skin type

Origin: Korea

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Karadium Makeup Remover Pen

Karadium Makeup Remover Pen

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