Benedetta Anti-Wrinkle Seaweed Mask (8pcs)

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Anti-Wrinkle Seaweed Mask (1 treatment)



Product description

: is a blend of Organic Spirulina, Seaweeds and Biodynamic Lavender Hydrosol

: rich synergy of vitamins and minerals that has a profound renewing effect on the upper and lower dermis of the skin

: contains Red Marine Algae, known for its antiviral properties, aids in circulation, hydration and exfoliation

: it will leave your skin feeling beautiful, smooth and firm

: no matter what your skin type is, all can benefit from a regular weekly treatment


How to use:

1. mix seaweed powder with Lavender hydrosol

2. apply over face & neck

3. leave on a minimum of 20 minutes

4. remove mask by first re-hydrating with a lukewarm washcloth, and then rinsing away

5. the seaweed mask is best used weekly for optimum results


Skin type: all skin type


Seaweed Powder 4g 

Lavender Hydrosol 7ml

Origin: USA






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Benedetta Anti-Wrinkle Seaweed Mask (8pcs)

Benedetta Anti-Wrinkle Seaweed Mask (8pcs)

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