huile reparateur conditioner

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HKD$ 298.00


Huile reparateur conditioner

Product description

  • Contains a lot of argan oil that provide nourishment to dry hair 
  • Jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, rosemary leaf oil, chamomile extract and the hair becomes supple 

How to use:

After using shampoo, use the Conditioner evenly onto the hair and rinse off with water 

Capacity: 400ml

Origin: Israel

今天終於用咗E隻Shampoo, 但開頭唔知用幾多份量,佢唔會太多泡,加埋conditioner 之後感覺不錯,但需長期試用才知頭髮有冇改善!到時update各位!


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huile reparateur conditioner

huile reparateur conditioner

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