Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream (Pre-Order 4/10)

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HKD$ 398.00


Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream 

Product description

: designed for women especially menopausal women most prone to dark spots skin looking dull, dull wrinkles and sagging skin signs of aging 

: can effectively prevent skin problems easy to produce menopausal stage 

: essence nutrients can nourish the skin deep into the layers of skin to make the skin moist and plump white filling active young state 

: very refreshing when using plum aroma can relieve stress 


How to use:

Take appropriate bottom-up massage applied to the neck, and then stroking the warm palm pressed to help the skin absorb the active ingredients

Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 60ml

Origin: Korea


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Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream (Pre-Order 4/10)

Sulwhasoo GOA Neck Cream (Pre-Order 4/10)

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