Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Toner

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PhilosPQ10 Nano Revital Toner





Product description

: combines the natural antioxidant products of nanotechnology PQ10 Nano revitalizing toner,
keep skin in optimum condition

: pinux, co enzyme Q10, protecting the skin from the harmful environment and restore healthy skin

: formula contains state fruit glycosides, Aloe extract, keeping the skin clean


Main ingredients and functions:

Pinux (pine bark polyphenols): antioxidative effect

PQ10: antioxidant, skin elasticity, excellent skin penetration

Arbutin: whitening effect

Aloe Vera: moisturizing, skin care, anti-inflammatory effects, mild effects


How to use:

apply appropriate products on the face and gently massage to let it absorbs,
or soak the cotton to apply on the face


Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 150ml

Origin: Korea

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Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Toner

Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Toner

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