Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Peeling Gel

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Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Peeling Gel



Product description

: A combination of nanotechnology products PQ10 natural antioxidant exfoliating gel nano Capture

: Use of natural cellulose with enzymes to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum pores, is soft natural exfoliating gel.

: Pinux Coenzyme Q10 protects the skin from harmful environmental violations, and gave the skin a healthy state

: Green tea, mulberry and superoxide dismutase ingredients to exfoliate the skin fresh and angry after

: Trehalose, hyaluronic acid, chitosan and whey extract combined effect of maintaining beautiful skin texture


Main ingredients and functions:

Pinux (pine bark polyphenols): antioxidant, whitening effect

Nano Coenzyme Q10: anti-oxidation, enhance skin elasticity, excellent skin penetration

Green tea, mulberry extract: anti-oxidation, cleaning, whitening effect

SOD: Antioxidant

Trehalose, hyaluronic acid, chitosan, whey extract: moisturizing, skin care, the effect is mild


 How to use:

1. first, wash the facial skin surface dirt

2. use warm face towel so that the pores open, so easy exfoliates

3. The gel coated face (except the eyes and lips), secrete more sebum and the central portion of the T-zone, Circle with the index finger and middle finger gently massage, exfoliating gel simultaneously ensure removed.

4. after washing several times with warm water, then rinse in cold water, you can tighten pores.

5. toner soaked cotton inside the refrigerator, putting the whole face stable skin, tighten pores again.

according to their skin type, and then coated with moisturizing cream.

**Use 1-2 times one week **


Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 100g

Origin: Korea


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Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Peeling Gel

Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Peeling Gel

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