full cover liquid concealer

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HKD$ 78.00

Full cover liquid concealer

Product description

: smooth and easy to push the liquid texture, high moisturizing

: suitable for a wide range of concealer, such as sensitive redness, pore location beside the nose 

: natural, waterproof and anti-sweat, long-lasting and good for the summer 

: 01 light beige / 02 natural beige

How to use:

Apply a moderate on face

Volume: 25ml

Origin: Korea

好用! 遮到我啡黑嘅黑眼圈!每一次都係用少量就夠! 我通常半粒米粉量就夠2隻眼,真係唔夠就逐少加!最後就蓋少量banila co少量保濕碎粉!


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full cover liquid concealer

full cover liquid concealer

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