MustaeV Eye Shadow 單色眼影

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HKD$ 120.00

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MustaeV Eye Shadow

Product description

: Matte Texture
A velvety matte textured eye shadow with dense color that is easily blended.

: Pigmentation & Adhesion
Silicone coated pearl powder and Triethoxycaprylsilane treated powder creates high pigmentation and adherence, leaving no fall-out powder.

: Endurance
Sebum control powder absorbs sebum and assist with maintaining a hydrating, non-drying feel, with a long, crease-free wear. 

How to use:

Dip the brush into the shadow and pick up the desired amount of product.

Sweep the brush over the entire eyelid to deposit the color and enhance the eyes

Capacity: 1.8g

Origin: Korea

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MustaeV Eye Shadow 單色眼影

MustaeV Eye Shadow 單色眼影

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