MustaeV Face Architect Powder 修容粉餅

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MustaeV Face Architect Powder

Product description

: Construct the face shape using Face Architect shading makeup

: Create a flawless, defined look

: Provide you with excellent adherence and applies evenly and smoothly with its soft, tiny particles

: Using a skin-friendly binding system and soft pigments, the soft textures powder keeps the skin from feeling dry

: The sebum control powder keeps the makeup fresh with absorbing Fiji powder

: Coating pigment protects the changing due to sweating and other external factors, keeping the makeup looking lively all day

: 2 Color - Light On / Silhouette

Light On: A bright pink beige with tiny, fine lustrous pearl

Silhouette: Although similar to skin tone, Silhouette is a tone-down natural beige-brown with natural shading

How to use:

Use Light On for highlighting areas and Silhouette for shading areas

Capacity: 9g

Origin: Korea

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MustaeV Face Architect Powder 修容粉餅

MustaeV Face Architect Powder 修容粉餅

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