MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base 珍珠光感潤澤保濕妝前乳

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MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base

Product description

: The secret to radiant skin

: Has luminous pink pearl to create an attractive luster

: The pearl particles melt into a water cream product that reflects light and creates smooth, lustrous skin

: Particles that contain more than 70% water keep the skin smooth and supple

: Keeps skin hydrated and enhances adherence so foundation can melt perfectly into the skin

*The secret to radiant skin

This lightweight, hydrating, Lustrous cream base. The pink pearl particles capture light the moment the cream base is applied, making your skin instantly radiant. The pink glow delicately shines depending on the angle of the light to give you a lustrous look.

*Skinny Foundation and Lustrous Cream Base are MustaeV essentials for healthy, radiant skin

The Lustrous Cream Base made of tiny hologram pink pearl particles is a hydrating water cream product that minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores. By providing ample moisture, the Lustrous Cream Base helps foundation adhere to skin.

How to use:

Apply after daily skincare with the foundation brush. 

Can mix with skinny foundation to use.

Can apply after makeup on the area that you want to highlight.

Capacity: 40ml

Origin: Korea

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MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base 珍珠光感潤澤保濕妝前乳

MustaeV Lustrous Cream Base 珍珠光感潤澤保濕妝前乳

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