iope water fit lipstick [2015 New Colors]

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HKD$ 180.00

IOPE Water Fit Lipstick

[2015 New Colors]


Product description

: rich glossy lipstick with oil ingredients giving glossy shine

: silky application with elasticity and volume lips

: antioxidant ingredient brighten lip color and provide volume for firm lips

: plant moisture ingredient improve moisture giving long lasting moisture lips

: 4 Colors - #50 / #51 / #52 / #53



How to use: 

Apply from the center of the lips, give vital glowing lip look


Volume: 3.2g

Origin: Korea


我係唇膏極級愛好者,一個妝每一part都好重要,近年先醒覺唇部最突出到成個人character, 眼妝可濃可淡可自然,又有分唔同層次,原來唇部可以大玩特玩。我個唇偏好厚下嗰隻,好多人以為要收埋?!錯晒!我非常善用我個小咀,擁有過百支唇膏。之前已經有潤唇系列嗰兩支, 唔係秋冬版都有n支(太太太太好用,色好靚, 秋冬呢四隻色都勁靚,買齊左,出街必帶兩三支for轉色,質素極高,遮唇部暗啞色,軟化死皮,淡唇紋,我揾唔到一支好過佢。真係佢出乜我買乜


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iope water fit lipstick [2015 New Colors]

iope water fit lipstick [2015 New Colors]

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