benedetta massage in creme cleanser (Artemisia) 100ml

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Massage in creme cleanser Artemisia 100ml 

 Product description

: Calms Skin

: For Hypersensitive Skin

: Reduces Redness

: Relieves Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis


The Artemisia Créme Cleanser is designed to soothe and calm the skin as it purifies.

Crafted to care for those prone to redness or problematic inflammation, this cleanser caters to extreme sensitivities and those with a pale skin tone who flush easily. 

The botanicals used are high in Chamazulene, which reduces redness and acts as the primary anti-inflammatory agent.

This cleanser is also rich in Red Marine Algae, harvested once a year from the rocks along the Brittany Coast of France.

This algae is remarkable in its ability to cleanse, detoxify, and calm inflammation.

Due to the exceptional soothing properties of this cleanser, we also recommend its occasional use in addition to our regimens for all other skin types.

The nourishing, softening effects of this preparation will leave skin renewed and nurtured with a soft, dewy glow.


How to use:

Apply a quarter size of product to dry skin.

Massage over entire face and neck in a circular fashion until créme has disappeared and an oily film remains.

Pay attention to areas of congestion and bumpy skin, massaging these areas longer.

Leave on 1-3 minutes for a therapeutic treatment.

Rinse with a wet wash cloth or leave on a minimum 10 minutes for a gentle exfoliation treatment.

May be used as a spot treatment at night for blemishes that have not broken through


Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 100ml

Origin: U.S.A


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benedetta massage in creme cleanser (Artemisia) 100ml

benedetta massage in creme cleanser (Artemisia) 100ml

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