Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Cleanser (pre-order 7/10)

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HKD$ 438.00


Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Cleanser


Product description

: combining nanotechnology natural antioxidant cleanser PQ10 Revitalizing Cleanser, can protect the skin gently

: there are excellent moisturizing effect, but also has deep cleansing and moisturizing cleanser Cleansing functions Advanced


Main ingredients and functions:

Pinux: heavy metal adsorption, antioxidant

Nano Coenzyme Q10: anti-oxidation, skin elasticity, excellent skin penetration

Licorice: anti-inflammatory effect

Allantoin: anti-inflammatory effects, mild action

Papaya extracts: natural enzymes, cleaning effect


How to use:

Add water to the cleanser then  apply on the face, and finally wash with warm water



Skin type: all skin type

Volume: 250ml

Origin: Korea

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Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Cleanser (pre-order 7/10)

Philos PQ10 Nano Revital Cleanser (pre-order 7/10)

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