Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner

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HKD$ 138.00


Banila co Triple wonder auto gel liner (4 colors)

Color: Reddish Burgundy / Golden Brown / Smoke Gray / Deep Black

Product description

  • Waterproof gel liner that won't be smudged all day long after drawing gently with justly one touch
  • Powerful waterproof type to retain clean line for hours against sweat and oil
  • Built in sharpener to draw delicate line simply
  • Built in sponge tip to create natural gradation


How to use:

Turn to have a small amount and draw gently according to eyelash line.


Capacity: 0.5g


Origin: Korea



這支 eyeliner 整體表現我是滿意的, 由一缺點是筆身較粗, 較難畫出一條幼細的眼線, 由以初畫者較難.


我係超級內雙眼皮, 用過好多唔同既LIQUID, GEL, PENCIL 都唔WORK, 唯獨呢隻係而家3X度天氣下LAST到一日, 冇變熊貓眼亦冇甩到, 我真心推介比大家 :)


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Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner

Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner

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