Rest Up Hot Health Pad (pre-order 10/3)

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HKD$ 138.00

Rest Up Hot Health Pad

Product description

: Natural warming ingredients

: Suitable for who have cold hands and feet 

: To facilitate circulation and detoxified 

: To get rid of athlete's foot

: Release tired

How to use:

1. Please ensure that your feet are dry before use.

2. Use it before sleep, the foot patches changed color after wake up, which represents the patches play an effect of absorb toxins.

Suitable for all ages

Skin type: all skin type 

Origin: Korea

買左3盒黎用… 用左之後感覺覺得好好!! 真係覺得自己訓覺訓得好舒服;) 黎緊要KEEP 住買先得!!!


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Rest Up Hot Health Pad (pre-order 10/3)

Rest Up Hot Health Pad (pre-order 10/3)

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