VB Program 清養丸/ 青養丹/ 清蔘丸

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Product description

Ginseng for men's health

Saw Palmetto 

Double- functional health food

take two capsules at a time with water

72g [1 capsule (600mg) * 2 capsules ] x 60 Sun

Special features of goods

•Immunity Improvement 

•Cheonsamhwa Red Ginseng

•Cheonsamhwa Technology

•Super-high pressure

 New Ginseng processing using super-high pressure

 The world’s first, Amorepacific own patented technology

 In a short period of time, super-high pressure technology

 to extract the full natural active ingredient of Red Ginseng.



Ginseng functionality


1Immunity Improvement     

Improve immunity by increasing t

he number of cells and cellular immune activation.


*Memory enhancing                                                                              

 By increasing brain activity hormone,

improve concentration and protect brain cells to dementia. 


*Fatigue improvement      

    By relieving fatigue factor which is released during stress or  fatigue, i

mprove exercise capacity.


*Improving blood circulation                                                                

by inhibiting the function of blood platelets, help blood circulation.




By eliminating oxygen radicals, protect DNA and cells 



  Saw palmetto is and extract derived from Serenoarepens. It has strong vitality to survive in a fire and draught and pests with 700 years of life. From ancient times America indians intake Saw palmetto for men’s health.



*Nutritional function 

1Red Ginseng : Immunity improvement, Memory enhancing , Fatigue improvement , improving blood circulation ,Anti-oxidation   

2Saw palmetto


Nutrition information

 Calorie : 0 kcal

 Carbohydrate : 0g

 Protein : 0g

 Fat : 0.5g

 Sodium : 0g


Ingredient of product

 :Red Ginseng extract power, Saw palmetto fruit extract, Sunflower fruit extract, Palm oil, Beeswax, Soy lecithin, L-arginine, Schisandra chinensis extract powder, Zinc oxide


How to take

: Take two capsules at a time with water


<Recommended target>


1 Someone who would like to improve the quality of life caused by aging men.

2 Someone who would like to change fatigue of body into revitalization 

3 Someone who want to improve immunity

4 Someone who want to improve blood circulation 

5 Someone who want to live healthy life

6 Someone who is suffering from prostatic hyperplasia 

Volume : 72g [1 capsule (600mg) * 2 capsules ] x 60 Sun

Origin : Korea 

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VB Program 清養丸/ 青養丹/ 清蔘丸

VB Program 清養丸/ 青養丹/ 清蔘丸

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