Yak Cho Soo Shampoo (pre-order 10/10)

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HKD$ 480.00

Herb shampoo



 Product description

: effective care, scalp, hair shampoo

: strengthen the scalp pores

: natural-ingredients, even sensitive scalp may feel free to use

: hair-moisturizing, increases elasticity

Main ingredients:

the extracts of the tuber of multiflower knotweed

the extraction of black beans

green tea

red ginseng

(Licorice, green tea, Portulaca oleracea, SilkWorm, white mustard, safflower,

rattling Pakistan seed oil, black sesame, scutellaria, dark art, Cypress, black beans, ginseng,

Angelica, Black Cohosh, Angelica dahurica, pomegranate, Acorus gramineus extracts)



How to use:

1. clean your hair with appropriate amount in your hand and gently rub it

2. gently massage your scalp  for 1-2 mins

3.wash thoroughly with warm water

If you want the effect more obvious, clean your hair twice

Volume: 1000g

Origin: Korea

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Yak Cho Soo Shampoo (pre-order 10/10)

Yak Cho Soo Shampoo (pre-order 10/10)

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