Benedetta Hair Tonic

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Benedetta Hair Tonic

Product description 

: Amazing therapeutic blend of Farm-Sourced botanicals that stimulate blood flow as they exfoliate the scalp

: Protect and nourish the hair.

: Healthier, shinier, and stronger hair will be yours with regular use.

: 100% certified organic essential oils, such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil, neem oil and Qiongya Begonia

: Protect, nourish and repair damaged hair, scalp and make the state back to health.

: Make hair shine, soothe scalp

: Make hair healthy and prevent the loss

: Stimulate blood flow, and removing the scalp cuticle while moisturizing the scalp and hair

How to use 

Daily use: apply appropriate amount on hair roots and gently massage by fingers. Wearing a hot towel or shower cap wrapped, wash after 2-30 minutes 

Specific Usage: apply the hair tonic on the hair root while taking baths. Heating to enhance penetration

Type of skin : All type skin

Volume : 50ml 

Origin : USA

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Benedetta Hair Tonic

Benedetta Hair Tonic